This lamp uses the method of light conduction.
Illuminated icicle made out of handmade glass is hung on a transparent wire or
mounted directly to the suspended ceiling.
A huge advantage of Laga is that its light does not dazzle your eyes. Lamps look
impressive when hung in a dense group. Hung in a line is ideal for a bar,
reception desk, table. Each lamp is unique.

Technical specifications:

Length of the glass icicle 50cm – 100cm
Thickness at the narrowest, middle point of the icicle 1.5 cm – 2.5 cm. At the ends, the icicle widens to 5 and 6 cm in diameter.

1) pending lamp LED GU10  cable length standard 120 cm (any length available),
Ceiling rose approx. 65 mm,
Metal components are galvanized nickel satin, copper, or painted black and gold

2) ceiling lamp fixed to the false ceiling (a hole diameter from 76mm to 80 mm and 12 cm space over the plaster board are needed)